Any willing coders out there who could lend a hand to this kind soul?

PersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~ Fan Translation

First of all – YAY! I have 3 followers 😀 I’m glad that people are actually interested in this project! That in and of itself makes it worth all the effort I’m putting into this!

I just checked google and my blog is the first thing that comes up when you search Persona Phantom of the Opera translation, and I’m on page 2 for PersonA Phantom of the Opera! Yey! I’m slowly learning SEO! XD

On the the updates! I have a love-hate relationship with this blog theme. I love the way it’s set up and how easy it is to customize, but I hate the page navigation system! I’m sure many people don’t even SEE the tiny little navigation links at the top of the page! To make them easier to find, I’ve added the page links to the left side column.

I plan to make this blog a…

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