Additions to the Fantasy BL Manga List

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I originally meant to update my fantasy/supernatural BL manga list on a more regular basis. Oops. Well, you have to start somewhere. I thought of covering Mauri to Ryuu more extensively, but decided against it. However, it’s still worth a short recommendation, so here’s a few additional fantasy BL manga that I particularly enjoyed.


Mauri to Ryuu by Moto Haruhira
This collection of short stories features wandering gods who enrich the land. During their travels, they observe humans and sometimes fall in love. If that affection is returned, the gods take the human form of the one who loves them. The tone is simple and warm. At least until mpreg is clumsily shoe-horned into the last 2-3 panels or at most few pages of several stories. Or that the act of sex is there solely for baby-making purposes since the gods have more animalistic instincts or something. That was chilling…

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top six.


So on tumblr right now there’s a meme going around where you ask people to name a celebrity and then you post your six favorite photos of that person. And then anime fans turned it into an anime meme, where you can name an anime character instead. However, I don’t know many celebrities (my family probably gets annoyed when we watch TV and I’m like ‘who’s that person now??’) and I also watch almost no anime (unless you want to ask me about Inazuma Eleven characters), so I decided to do the meme with BL mangaka.

Obviously, I’m not posting my favorite pictures of BL mangaka—generally speaking, I only know what less than 1% of my favorite mangaka even look like. I pick panels and illustrations. So far I have Ootsuki Miu, Ogura Muku and Yamashita Tomoko.

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Pokemon radish discovered in Japan, just as cute as the original


Chikorita daikon radish

Daikon radishes have been really stepping up their game lately and upping the cuteness to a solid 11. First, we saw these adorable mounds of grated daikon capybaras swimming in soup. Now, a little old lady has grown a daikon that bears a striking resemblance to a Pokemon character. More on where the little guy was found and how it came to be after the break!

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