top six.


So on tumblr right now there’s a meme going around where you ask people to name a celebrity and then you post your six favorite photos of that person. And then anime fans turned it into an anime meme, where you can name an anime character instead. However, I don’t know many celebrities (my family probably gets annoyed when we watch TV and I’m like ‘who’s that person now??’) and I also watch almost no anime (unless you want to ask me about Inazuma Eleven characters), so I decided to do the meme with BL mangaka.

Obviously, I’m not posting my favorite pictures of BL mangaka—generally speaking, I only know what less than 1% of my favorite mangaka even look like. I pick panels and illustrations. So far I have Ootsuki Miu, Ogura Muku and Yamashita Tomoko.

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