Cosplay Is Not Consent: Sexual Harassment at Conventions


By Alyssa Torres (@H8Alyssa)

Whether you’re donning a cape or admiring con-goers in armor from afar, most of us can agree that one of the most thrilling parts of cons is cosplay. Shortened from “costume” and “play”, cosplay, the act of dressing as fictional characters, holds its spot as one of the most prominent aspects of geek culture and continues to grow in popularity.

What’s also growing is female presence at conventions, where female geeks can dress as their favorite superheroes and make their voices heard. According to Daily Mail, half of the 130,000 attendees at San Diego Comic Con 2015 were expected to be female while The Mary Suealso reported that the percentage of female attendees at New York Comic Con rose over 60% within three years.

People like to think conventions are a safe place and geek hub for all con-goers, but as the amount of…

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Netflix’s Altered Carbon and Asian Consciousness in White Bodies

The Nerds of Color

A few weeks ago it was announced that Netflix is adapting Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 sci-fi novel Altered Carbon, and that the main character, Takeshi Kovacs, will be played by Joel Kinnaman.

© Brian To/

This guy. Playing somebody named Takeshi, who is specifically described in the articles as being at least biracial Japanese.

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Fixing Netflix’s Iron Fist: Casting Danny Rand

The Nerds of Color

Ever since I implored Marvel to consider an Asian American actor for the role of Danny Rand in their planned Iron Fist Netflix series last year, the most common reaction has been from non-Asians (usually) whitesplaining why the idea of an Asian American martial artist is racist. The second most common question involves who Marvel/Netflix could cast in the role because there are no Asian American stars who could possibly carry a series. Which is a funny demand because I don’t recall Charlie Cox being a huge movie star pre-Daredevil, but that’s neither here nor there.

Besides, this is Marvel we’re talking about. The same studio that turned the schlubby guy from Parks & Rec into Harrison Ford. Whoever they cast — Asian or not — is guaranteed to be a star anyway. So here are several actors who deserve a shot at Shou-Lao and superhero stardom.

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