7 Superheroines Who Deserve Their Own Series

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Warner Bros. recently announced that Harley Quinn (and possibly the Birds of Prey) would be getting her own film. We have the “Wonder Woman” film coming out next year and “Captain Marvel” debuting in 2019. And with both “Supergirl” and “Jessica Jones” gearing up for a season two, it looks like we’re finally starting to see a little more parity for superheroines.

Article by Clara Mae

To keep the ball rolling, here’s a wish list of superhero women who deserve their own film or TV series:  

1. Ms. Marvel

Copyright: Marvel.com Copyright: Marvel.com

As one of the most loveable and prominent South Asian superheroes we have right now, I’m hoping “Captain Marvel” finds a way to introduce Kamala Khan and open the door for her own film or series. Kamala’s a great point of entry character for a teen audience — she’s a hilariously awkward and enthusiastic Avengers fangirl —…

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