“Harry Potter” and the Issues of a Global Imagining

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Like many kids, JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series was an integral part of my childhood. I pre-ordered the books and went to the midnight premieres of the films. I own a Gryffindor tie, scarf, and sweater, as well as replicas of Harry’s wand and glasses.

Article by Clara Mae

It’s because I loved the original series so much that I find myself frustrated over Pottermore’s attempts to apply Potter logic to the entire globe. It’s a story that just doesn’t scale well — at least not without bringing in consultants and guest writers, which is clearly not what JKR did.

Cover Image- Image credit: Pottermore.com

When a British author spends 1,084,170 words on a story set in the U.K. and then writes 300 to 1000 word snippets meant to flesh out countries she’s clearly not familiar with, you know there’s going to be issues.

The reason the original series worked was because…

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